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`When you realize who you truly are, you`ll be free from all the clutches beholding you.` - Anonymous.
>So hopefully you all liked this amazing journey with me, of course its not pictorial but tried my best to take you on an amazing ride. Of course, if y`all want to have a pictorial view, do check my instagram page- @travelling_nomad_ronak007. And yeah, thanks for sticking so far, travelling with me.
>Anyways this blog, is all about my personal view and opinions on various topics and points i needed to convey through this journey on the quest of self development and being a person of FREE WILL. Many times, we see people juggling and hassling through their personal life, life with friends and family, not exploring themselves and not finding within, who they are? what are they capable of?. Anchored by those social norms, grounded by the society and not exploring oneself within, not understanding the mindset of this vast world, not detaching themselves from these excuses and expanding one`s thoughts and beliefs and going on a journey to self-salvage and exploring this vast world.
>Well personally, i was not able to socialize myself (was not an introvert though), but still seeing people confined in their comfort shell, staying in their own cocoon, not meeting enough people around, not expanding their network and see what possibilities behold further. Living a same stagnant black and white life and not expanding horizons of mind. Silly me, one day thought of this and went for a self exploration journey, definitely was uncomfortable to start, but hey aren`t all new experiences are?. And trust me, it was a whole new experience getting out of the shell and exploring the world, culture, people around. Its so diverse and believe me, humans are social animal, they do want to meet each other, they are open to all new possibilities as well, its just they need someone as you to take a leap and connect with them, Eg.: a friend of mine in Chapter6, if y`all remember, was so frightened to talk with random women, was such an eye opening experience for him unlike what they mention in our society (they`ll spray pepper spray and all...hahah). Absolutely not, be humble and polite, even they are there to meet people, give genuine complements, obviously people will connect with you, if not at least you made someone`s day happy by complementing them, in this vast stressful world.
>Why travel solo? Being with friends is all well and good, joyful sure! But again you are in your confinement zone, not getting out, not expanding your horizons and thoughts, not experiencing the ups and downs of life, not having memories to make. Look, i wrote a whole lot of 7 chapters experience, in a week`s journey, just imagine the possibilities that awaits you. Just take a leap of faith in life, take a deep breath and jump out of the shell into this vast ocean of possibilities, surely its not easy, you`ll face heavy tides on your way ,but hey that`s an experience, it`ll help, remember every experience helps, its never in vane.
>I`ll say a single thing, `start taking risks`, that`s the only path for excellence. Not just in travelling and all but even in education, studies, socializing and every areas of life. You feel you can`t do it, go for it, take the jump buddy. I had this limiting belief, i can`t socialize and talk with women, let`s be honest- took my bag went for a solo trip. Learn loving yourself first, then the world might love you. Build a mindset of a provider, not taker, you shall see all the possibilities that awaits you. Start meeting people, you will gain so much experience about the world and like my friend in chapter 6, you will get out of your limiting beliefs and false allegations holding you. There might be people hating you, but yeah some like you as well, who knows?.
>The reason for getting out of the comfort zone, is basically a psychological human developmental aspect, that your mind triggers and broadens itself if in a danger uncomfortable situations. So basically, we are putting our brain in a survival mindset, so that it takes necessary steps to evolve- and when you reach that state of `FREE WILL`- GODLY! (kidding). Its easy to have someone by your side, your parents, your buddies, your partner. What if you are in a jungle alone? That`s the point you start searching for endless possibilities and expanding all the horizons of mind, because trust me, everyone alone to start and end with, stop validating people, please yourself first, learn there will be people hating you, rise above and do whatever is needed to be done for the greater good. You will see world attracting towards you, take harsh decisions if needed be, get out and take a jump of faith, start conquering your fears. Don`t feel like doing it? Do it buddy! no one cares.
>At the end one possibility beholds to be endless and infinite and gaining peace of mind as they say `DETACHED` or lets say `GETTING OUT OF THE MATRIX`. At the end, in the final steps just wanna conclude-
- Get out of the comfort zones
- Start meeting people, learn a proper way to approach, (by practice), be bold and affirmative, don`t be creepy.
- Start reading books, gain knowledge
- Start travelling, solo if possible, its a whole different experience, mind bending
- Focus on building yourself first, not the world, do whatever is needed to be done, stop pleasing people, waste of time
- Make memories while travelling and socializing and try to be infinite
- Be a provider, without holding any expectations
- Do the undone.
Alright, that`s all i needed to share, thank you readers for travelling with me on this voyage of infinite menace. Tell yourself, `I am not solo, will meet people in this vast world`. Definitely you guys were with me in this blog, so yeah...hahah. Hopefully will come up with many other amazing travel journeys ahead in this infinite domain of life, till then this is Dr. RONAK, (life and mind saver...simply put...hahah) signing off! Meet y`all in another voyage! THANK YOU!
PEACE!, Enchante, Ciao, Carpedeim, Sayonara, ba-bye, until next time!

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