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`Perfection is like chasing the horizon, keep moving forward`-Neil Gaiman.
>A peaceful morning in our beautiful place Arambol. Woke up around 10 am, took a shower, grabbed a beer and went to the common lobby wondering what all adventures behold today?. Just entering the lobby found out a hell lot of foreigners sitting there talking and enjoying there, joined there with a guy named `Alex from london yaa.`, having conversations and vibing with all, never wondered they are so freaking chill in goa. Met with 2 girls from Germany...had a long conversation about Bayern FC..a football club (apparently one of them worked in stadium itself...haha). There was this guy Tom from Manchester, had a real nice chat about noice and amazing places in england and yeah much more, took that guy`s number, so friendly even invited us to Manchester, like yaa do visit us. Even a guy asked me to have fruits that he bought early in the morning, all nice and well. In the meanwhile.... Irene..ohh sorry... Irena( her annoyed face...hahah) came in her swim suit( wow i know) hahah.... Anyways asked her where had she been and got a recommendation about this Sweet lake( a hidden area near arambol beach) ,calm and cozy wherein you can take a dip in ocean. And this one german girl had this crazy liking for Yoga, pheww.. and here we are going to the gym and not appreciating indian culture, anyways after this long conversation Alex and i went for a breakfast nearby .Came back,met Chris with his other friend Will who just arrived from a surfing class, sharing his experience, all well and good, apparently got to know that day, that they are my dorm mates as well( hehe).
>Meanwhile my tattoo friend called up like let`s go visiting somewhere. i was like ` yaa sure buddy`. Packed my bags went to Sweet lake in arambol, wherein we took a nice dip and sunbath, met with this artist girl who was roaming around in India for like 8 months now. Got to know her experience ,what it`s like to be a proper nomad. We had a long chat and 3 of us decided to hop onto `This is it cafe`. On our way back ,i met someone unexpected, that i shoudn`t have- Yes, its the guy and the russian girl from chapter 4, `ohh god, help me`. RUSSIAN GIRL- Hey, its the guy from yesterday. ARTIST GIRL WITH US- Who is she? ME- Don`t ask, long story!. TATTOO GUY(giggling). RUSSIAN GIRL-Why did you leave yesterday? again pulling malas. ME- (Confused )... I don`t know, probably meet you sometime later, and we left. We 3 of us, reached there at the cafe, wherein she met an old friend there. We all had a drink, decided to check other cafes for the night, exchanged contacts and left.
>Its 4 pm now, me and the tattoo guy left for the Morjim beach for seeing the beautiful sunsets there and enjoy the vibe with good music. Stayed there for a while, clicked photos. Bounced back to my hostel, freshened up and went for a dinner outside. Came back to hostel, rested in common area, had a chat with the yoga loving german and decided to go to bed. Its been 1 hr sleeping now.....
Phone rings (trrringg..trrringg).... Hello?, Guess what- Dubai guy- Bro we are in thalassa with my couple friend, are both of y`all coming?. Called that tattoo guy.... and he was like- `Yeah lets check it out`!... Silly me, yaa let`s go( no peace in life, but also wanted to party).
> Reached there by 2am, crazy party seens, danced off, so its the last night for me in Arambol so yeaa ,probably last party. Danced on those ramps with any random strangers and people...(i am not drunk).Chilled there till 3 am and we all hoped onto Anjuna beach, found a shack there open, everyone celebrating their last night in goa( not for me though). Got to eat something, had Ginger ale. Its 5am by now time to head back hostel after greeting each other, goodbye for the last time. Hope we`ll meet each other again. Good friends as of now though. Just reached back to our beloved happy panda hostel at 6 am. Assuming this is the end of this long chapter, but naa naa....
>There was this Swedish girl sitting outside the hostel longue, just arrived there, waiting for check in. And guess what i am a doctor and she is a nurse by profession. A long freaking conversation about our medical aspect went on, with knowing each other`s culture and talking my experience in goa, (she was nice and cute though..hahah). The hostel guy came, both of us checked in, helped her with the luggage, and i just remembered that i haven`t slept and its freaking 7:30 in the morning, ME- Hey i`ll catch up with you nurse, after 2 hrs again, let this poor thing have a sleep SHE-Yaa sure ,go on doc (laughing). Went to sleep then. Yaa, Good morning this time. Lemme charge my phone and hop onto the bed, see y`all in 2hrs, fellas, lemme get a sleep. ......to be continued in chapter6.

The hostel guy came and both of us checked in,

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