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`The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you`re not going to stay where you are`-J.P. Morgan
>Good morning to new beginnings, its day 4 where i leave my hostel at vagator, its 10 am now, woke up and saw all my dorm mates have already left to their next destinations, the room was quiet and empty, with me woke up with a drowsy face and the girl from kolkata in chapter3 working in her laptop next bed. I was like... what the heck`s she doing here?. Freshened up, went on teasing her
ME-Typical 9 to 5 workers, see you pitiful thing working this early morning. SHE-Oh hello, its 10am, late in the morning, by the way we are not like you doctor`s being lucky ME- (A big laughter), trust me doctor`s are not lucky, their life`s hellish ...blah..blah...random topics....blah ..blah...A long favourite conversation for both of us on Anime.... I freshened up packed my bags ,all set and continuing our conversation. Its 12 now ,she got hungry - Wanna join me for breakfast? she asked, I was like- yaa why not, lets hop somewhere. Had breakfast, came back to hostel played table tennis with a random dude there. Farewell everyone, took my bags, checked out, luggage on the scooty and let`s go riding. Arambol here i come.
>Reached there in evening around 5pm , checked in a beautiful hostel there called the Happy panda hostel, very peaceful place. Freshened up, changed after a long drive and went to visit the beach and the flea market nearby. And as it is said correctly, not everything in life goes well and good OR as you might say planned. The tragic that occured was i forgot the scooter where i left in this vast beach and flea market. Trust me the worst experience ever, no one`s with me, wandering around, searching for the scooter that wasn`t even mine. After roaming and searching effortlessly, a guy from a shack guided me in a way and at last.. thank almighty.. (pheww..) got my scooter. Went back to hostel, its 8pm by now, and here begins my proper walk and talk with europeans..
>Met a guy there, who was returning from somewhere with these noice wavyy hairr... ME- Hey dude,i like your hair, how do you maintain it? HIM-Nothing mate, just apply these nivea shampoo.( british accent). ME- Who are you, where you from? HIM- Uhhh, its Chris yaa from london, how about you? ....had a conversation on surfing..... and yeah he went to sleep. Went to sit on the common room, a girl was reading a book. I was wondering, i as a dr. don`t like reading much but yeah people do, thats all amazing. Got on a conversation with this Spanish one- Espanol, and yeah got to know about how she loved reading books and got few recommendations, although might not get time...hahah . Anyways she`s Irena not Irene... hahah as we had a banter on her name anyways. OK its 10pm now, the nomad guy, that`s me got hungry, decided to go on this happening shack by the beach, named This is it.. Wait what ,where is it? named This is it! (bad joke). And something crazy happens after that...
>This cafe/shack had this amazing singing going on dazzling with lots of russians and europeans, i wondered at one time that, `Am i in Europe?` Anyways was chatting with the fellow russians, all vibe well and good. A call came from the tattoo guy, if y`all remember from earlier chapters - HIM- Bro where are you now? ME- Why, what happened? i am in arambol dude. HIM-Seriously? i am with the Dubai guy as well in Arambol itself. (So apparently the Dubai guy was joined by his couples friend who were from bangalore, came to goa for like 2 days). HIM-Where are you now? ME- in `This is it` HIM` Where is it? ME- This is it!...hahah search in maps in arambol beach HIM-We are gonna join as well ME-Sure bro, roll over! . These guys - tattoo guy, Dubai guy and couples from banglore arrived there by 11:30 pm, ordered something to eat, had drinks, enjoying the music and vibe and apparently i was the youngest in group so the couples paid up for my meal...heee ..haww .. thankyou ..hahah( perks of being young, kidding). And suddenly a hippie guy came to our place and started chatting and having drinks with us, having funny and shitty conversations and there came a russian hippie woman, who joined us and now the fun part begins...
>She was vibing with us and suddenly while talking( she was definitely high, no doubt), held my mala which i was wearing and i don`t wanna write this but still (laughter), freaking laid over me holding my hands,( awkward..awkward sitauation) SHE- looking at me intensely and goes-`Hey, have a puff of cigarette` . ME- (Prievet)You could have asked the same when we were sitting and talking, no need to lie over me miss...hahah .Still i had a puff and talking shit in that awkward position, tossed her aside thats it, lets not do this shit. Everyone from our group were laughing. I was like yaa yaa a memorable experience for y`all and me as well. Anyways fast forward.. had a chat and amazing time, we all went to the beach and then bounced back to the Dubai guy`s place( apparently he booked a resort, an amazing one). Chilled there for a while with those 4 of them and yaa its 3 am by now, i went back to my Happy hostel. Pheww.. done for the day, was a short and amazing day of ups and downs with lots of crazy experiences i must say. This time good night, See y`all in Chapter5.
Buenas noches!

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