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`A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions`- Oliver Wendell Holmes
>Good morning day 3, hope its a good day let`s see what are we doing today. Done with the routines ,showered, dressed up with one of my favourite white shirt. Took a scooty and hoped on to this amazing place for breakfast and brunch called Artjuna in arambol (again do check my instagram for this). Went in there, so this place accomodates nice paintings and drawings and a small clothing market and artifacts inside wherein you can enjoy these with amazing greek cuisines in their happening ambience. Ordered this amazing food double omlette mixed salad croissant, not sure but pretty much thats the name..haha. Anyways had a brunch there enjoying the amazing music that one of the artist troop from mumbai was playing. Before leaving had a lemonade and chatted for a while with the barmaid before leaving. I know pretty slow to start with, but it dazzles as the day progresses.
>Anyways its 4pm now, called a friend there, who was a photographer and hoped on to Anjuna beach, got some amazing clicks there on the beach ,cliffs ,shacks and what not. Had an amazing mango shake by the shore. And while roaming around started socializing and suprisingly met a couple who were youtube travel vloggers, had a nice long chat with them, even helped them with their vlogging videos, amazing content. Still we are friends as of now and do chat with each other sometimes...haha. After that went for buying some fashion accessories by the shore ,fast forward phewww.. its evening by now, time to bounce back to our beloved hostel(giggling) and the actual fun begins now...so yaa buckle up fellas.. its gonna be a crazy ride..
>So its 7pm by now reached into my hostel, freshned up, changed my attire, went to the bar counter for a drink, herein met a crazy ass guy from Dubai, the most lively and cheerful person i ever met, he goes like `Habibi come to Dubai`haha.., anyways while roaming around both of us went to a group of 4 girls solo travelling as well.. from jaipur, hyderabad, kolkata and pune ...Again yaa ..`men will be men`... (laughter). So we started talking, having drinks, soon got joined by 2 guys from bangalore and pune. Later we all decided to hop on to a club together. Happy me realizing this time i`ll get free couple entry unlike chapter 1..hahah...So we were group of 4 guys and 4 girls, went to check on this club cubana, which was closed sadly, no worries, went to check on this place named Soro`s pub, so they have like this amazing place wherein latin dance forms like Salsa, kizomba, bachata are performed. The pune guy offered us free tequilla shots and myself remembering that life`s all about making experiences, held hand of the jaipur girl and went to the dance floor, learnt few steps there, next with the one from kolkata, danced with her as well. So basically they have this thing like you shift partners after every song. After learning few steps got into the vibe and flow.. this time came a girl from china, all well and all good. My next partner, who`s it? Guess what, a girl from Argentina ( ooohh..i know yaa). Well i was so famished with her dance moves, at one point i felt like ,she`s the one leading me and i was like `go with the flow brother`, amazing experience! .We all came out had a chat with lots of people outside and got a recommendation to this after party place. Hop onto the bikes people lets roll over..
>Reached to that after party place, so its a descent cafe from outside having crazy shit parties at the backyard, kinda hidden place. Went in their with our group of 4girls 4guys, started vibing with the foreigners there. Really had an amazing vibe with these, a russian girl and a guy as well. Crazy partying with them .Its 4am by now that dubai guy and i got hungry, even girls decided to bounce back to dorms. Had a snack midway and now we are in our hostel.
>Everyone went to sleep, except me and the girl from jaipur sitting outside, smoking and watching sunrise( it`s a daily routine now...haha) , having shitty conversations. All well and good till now, but as they say there`s no happy ending in a doctor`s life, a guy suddenly came out of the dorm, freaking high on drugs, claiming he heard someone badmouthing him and started creating a seen. Sad me, hugged her goodnight( don`t laugh you readers) and escorted her back to her dorm and went to handle that dude.
>It`s 7am in the morning now, i went to sleep, remembering the crazy rollercoaster night i went through and all these days in this hostel(pappichulo) because today i was leaving for Arambol and morjim. 3 days there felt like weeks in goa, with all the people i met , with all the memories to carry on, mesmerizing these events my head went to sleep. So yaa this time Good morning! and i`ll meet y`all soon in another crazy adventure ahead in Arambol . Bye for now, Syonaraa, see y`all in next chapter, PEACE!

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