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`When you realize who you truly are, you`ll be free from all the clutches beholding you.` - Anonymous.
>So hopefully you all liked this amazing journey with me, of course its not pictorial but tried my best to take you on an amazing ride. Of course, if y`all want to have a pictorial view, do check my instagram page- @travelling_nomad_ronak007. And yeah, thanks for sticking so far, travelling with me.
>Anyways this blog, is all about my personal view and opinions on various topics and points i needed to convey through this journey on the quest of self development and being a person of FREE WILL. Many times, we see people juggling and hassling through their personal life, life with friends and family, not exploring themselves and not finding within, who they are? what are they capable of?. Anchored by those social norms, grounded by the society and not exploring oneself within, not understanding the mindset of this vast world, not detaching themselves from these excuses and expanding one`s thoughts and beliefs and going on a journey to self-salvage and exploring this vast world.
>Well personally, i was not able to socialize myself (was not an introvert though), but still seeing people confined in their comfort shell, staying in their own cocoon, not meeting enough people around, not expanding their network and see what possibilities behold further. Living a same stagnant black and white life and not expanding horizons of mind. Silly me, one day thought of this and went for a self exploration journey, definitely was uncomfortable to start, but hey aren`t all new experiences are?. And trust me, it was a whole new experience getting out of the shell and exploring the world, culture, people around. Its so diverse and believe me, humans are social animal, they do want to meet each other, they are open to all new possibilities as well, its just they need someone as you to take a leap and connect with them, Eg.: a friend of mine in Chapter6, if y`all remember, was so frightened to talk with random women, was such an eye opening experience for him unlike what they mention in our society (they`ll spray pepper spray and all...hahah). Absolutely not, be humble and polite, even they are there to meet people, give genuine complements, obviously people will connect with you, if not at least you made someone`s day happy by complementing them, in this vast stressful world.
>Why travel solo? Being with friends is all well and good, joyful sure! But again you are in your confinement zone, not getting out, not expanding your horizons and thoughts, not experiencing the ups and downs of life, not having memories to make. Look, i wrote a whole lot of 7 chapters experience, in a week`s journey, just imagine the possibilities that awaits you. Just take a leap of faith in life, take a deep breath and jump out of the shell into this vast ocean of possibilities, surely its not easy, you`ll face heavy tides on your way ,but hey that`s an experience, it`ll help, remember every experience helps, its never in vane.
>I`ll say a single thing, `start taking risks`, that`s the only path for excellence. Not just in travelling and all but even in education, studies, socializing and every areas of life. You feel you can`t do it, go for it, take the jump buddy. I had this limiting belief, i can`t socialize and talk with women, let`s be honest- took my bag went for a solo trip. Learn loving yourself first, then the world might love you. Build a mindset of a provider, not taker, you shall see all the possibilities that awaits you. Start meeting people, you will gain so much experience about the world and like my friend in chapter 6, you will get out of your limiting beliefs and false allegations holding you. There might be people hating you, but yeah some like you as well, who knows?.
>The reason for getting out of the comfort zone, is basically a psychological human developmental aspect, that your mind triggers and broadens itself if in a danger uncomfortable situations. So basically, we are putting our brain in a survival mindset, so that it takes necessary steps to evolve- and when you reach that state of `FREE WILL`- GODLY! (kidding). Its easy to have someone by your side, your parents, your buddies, your partner. What if you are in a jungle alone? That`s the point you start searching for endless possibilities and expanding all the horizons of mind, because trust me, everyone alone to start and end with, stop validating people, please yourself first, learn there will be people hating you, rise above and do whatever is needed to be done for the greater good. You will see world attracting towards you, take harsh decisions if needed be, get out and take a jump of faith, start conquering your fears. Don`t feel like doing it? Do it buddy! no one cares.
>At the end one possibility beholds to be endless and infinite and gaining peace of mind as they say `DETACHED` or lets say `GETTING OUT OF THE MATRIX`. At the end, in the final steps just wanna conclude-
- Get out of the comfort zones
- Start meeting people, learn a proper way to approach, (by practice), be bold and affirmative, don`t be creepy.
- Start reading books, gain knowledge
- Start travelling, solo if possible, its a whole different experience, mind bending
- Focus on building yourself first, not the world, do whatever is needed to be done, stop pleasing people, waste of time
- Make memories while travelling and socializing and try to be infinite
- Be a provider, without holding any expectations
- Do the undone.
Alright, that`s all i needed to share, thank you readers for travelling with me on this voyage of infinite menace. Tell yourself, `I am not solo, will meet people in this vast world`. Definitely you guys were with me in this blog, so yeah...hahah. Hopefully will come up with many other amazing travel journeys ahead in this infinite domain of life, till then this is Dr. RONAK, (life and mind saver...simply put...hahah) signing off! Meet y`all in another voyage! THANK YOU!
PEACE!, Enchante, Ciao, Carpedeim, Sayonara, ba-bye, until next time!

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`There is no real ending. Its just the place where you stop the story`- Frank Herbert
>Good morning Day 6, after 2hrs of sleep, woke up, packed my luggage, checked out, nurse and i had a chat ,farewell hoping to meet each other someday.... Took my scooty went to Vagator to drop it from the place where i hired it.. Had a lunch nearby, went to the bus stop catching a bus to the capital- yes that`s Panji. Went to a friend`s place to stay there which was humungous. Its evening by now, tired me after a long journey freshened up, took a quick nap. Fast forward, at the end towards night, me telling him my crazy stories in goa, went with him and his dad to this amazing outlet for a dinner. Came back ,signing off, deciding what to do next day, went to sleep after this long voyage of 5 days. Good night.
>Woke up by 10:00 am next day(day7). Freshened up , me with my friend took his car and went to explore Panji. Went to the beach front, cafes, pizza outlets, churches, malls (exploring all amazing places in Panji). By 1pm reached ,Fontana`s- so it`s a place of Portuguese descent, having all the colorful buildings and and cafe`s there. So basically it was a different experience walking on those colorful streets .Fast forward, later hoped onto this amazing pizza outlet, had a meal and later decided to go to a cafe for having a shake. Went to a cafe in beach front. Had this amazing chocolate smoothie and whilst chatting with my friend (both wearing our `baba wala jhingola`), saw couple of girls looking and smiling at our dress. So folks, last approach for the day, before leaving goa ...hahah.. ME- Dude come on let`s have a chat with them, they seem to be chill and welcoming FRIEND- You go mate, i can`t! ME- Why not, there are 2 of them like us. FRIEND- I fear doing approaches and talking with random cute girls..hahah ME- Don`t worry, i`ll start, you join in later!. Went in there striked up a conversation, they were very open and welcoming ( not a surprise)..hahah .Anyways my buddy joined me later and we all had a banter and fun conversation going on. SHE- How long you here? ME- Bad for you, leaving today ,sorry! ..well it was bad for me rather, this time didn`t get her number..hahah (sad me). Well we hugged goodbyes to them ,took our car and hoped back to his apartment discussing my friend`s first approach to a random stranger... congrats brother.... He was scared and happy, all at once (yaa i am a confidence booster i know)...kidding.
>Its 4 pm by now, changed up and went to a pool at their complex nearby, stayed there for like couple of hrs, tried swimming, had fun, clicked photos. Its evening by now, packed my bags, last day( the day to leave this place, goa). Had a dinner at his place, he took his car left me at the bus stop, farewell each other. Me hoping on my bus to home, sleeping and seeing the streets of Panji, mesmerizing all the days, i went through, all the ups and downs, all the adventurers in just a freaking week. That night decided to put this on a blog and why every person on this planet must experience this once in their lifetime. I wondered, what the guy said me on the very first day on Chapter1 - `Its your first solo travel, tell me how many people you met and how much memories did you make?`. Surprisingly everything`s true. Well my last chapter, chapter7 gonna be my final conclusion and take on this trip. Chapter 7 is little close to me talking about my experience and how to personally develop as a human being, conquering your fears and be a person you always wanted to be, detatched from all social norms and be a man of FREE WILL. See y`all in Chapter7. Good night on a rumbling bus..hahah. Keep smiling always!

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`Perfection is like chasing the horizon, keep moving forward`-Neil Gaiman.
>A peaceful morning in our beautiful place Arambol. Woke up around 10 am, took a shower, grabbed a beer and went to the common lobby wondering what all adventures behold today?. Just entering the lobby found out a hell lot of foreigners sitting there talking and enjoying there, joined there with a guy named `Alex from london yaa.`, having conversations and vibing with all, never wondered they are so freaking chill in goa. Met with 2 girls from Germany...had a long conversation about Bayern FC..a football club (apparently one of them worked in stadium itself...haha). There was this guy Tom from Manchester, had a real nice chat about noice and amazing places in england and yeah much more, took that guy`s number, so friendly even invited us to Manchester, like yaa do visit us. Even a guy asked me to have fruits that he bought early in the morning, all nice and well. In the meanwhile.... Irene..ohh sorry... Irena( her annoyed face...hahah) came in her swim suit( wow i know) hahah.... Anyways asked her where had she been and got a recommendation about this Sweet lake( a hidden area near arambol beach) ,calm and cozy wherein you can take a dip in ocean. And this one german girl had this crazy liking for Yoga, pheww.. and here we are going to the gym and not appreciating indian culture, anyways after this long conversation Alex and i went for a breakfast nearby .Came back,met Chris with his other friend Will who just arrived from a surfing class, sharing his experience, all well and good, apparently got to know that day, that they are my dorm mates as well( hehe).
>Meanwhile my tattoo friend called up like let`s go visiting somewhere. i was like ` yaa sure buddy`. Packed my bags went to Sweet lake in arambol, wherein we took a nice dip and sunbath, met with this artist girl who was roaming around in India for like 8 months now. Got to know her experience ,what it`s like to be a proper nomad. We had a long chat and 3 of us decided to hop onto `This is it cafe`. On our way back ,i met someone unexpected, that i shoudn`t have- Yes, its the guy and the russian girl from chapter 4, `ohh god, help me`. RUSSIAN GIRL- Hey, its the guy from yesterday. ARTIST GIRL WITH US- Who is she? ME- Don`t ask, long story!. TATTOO GUY(giggling). RUSSIAN GIRL-Why did you leave yesterday? again pulling malas. ME- (Confused )... I don`t know, probably meet you sometime later, and we left. We 3 of us, reached there at the cafe, wherein she met an old friend there. We all had a drink, decided to check other cafes for the night, exchanged contacts and left.
>Its 4 pm now, me and the tattoo guy left for the Morjim beach for seeing the beautiful sunsets there and enjoy the vibe with good music. Stayed there for a while, clicked photos. Bounced back to my hostel, freshened up and went for a dinner outside. Came back to hostel, rested in common area, had a chat with the yoga loving german and decided to go to bed. Its been 1 hr sleeping now.....
Phone rings (trrringg..trrringg).... Hello?, Guess what- Dubai guy- Bro we are in thalassa with my couple friend, are both of y`all coming?. Called that tattoo guy.... and he was like- `Yeah lets check it out`!... Silly me, yaa let`s go( no peace in life, but also wanted to party).
> Reached there by 2am, crazy party seens, danced off, so its the last night for me in Arambol so yeaa ,probably last party. Danced on those ramps with any random strangers and people...(i am not drunk).Chilled there till 3 am and we all hoped onto Anjuna beach, found a shack there open, everyone celebrating their last night in goa( not for me though). Got to eat something, had Ginger ale. Its 5am by now time to head back hostel after greeting each other, goodbye for the last time. Hope we`ll meet each other again. Good friends as of now though. Just reached back to our beloved happy panda hostel at 6 am. Assuming this is the end of this long chapter, but naa naa....
>There was this Swedish girl sitting outside the hostel longue, just arrived there, waiting for check in. And guess what i am a doctor and she is a nurse by profession. A long freaking conversation about our medical aspect went on, with knowing each other`s culture and talking my experience in goa, (she was nice and cute though..hahah). The hostel guy came, both of us checked in, helped her with the luggage, and i just remembered that i haven`t slept and its freaking 7:30 in the morning, ME- Hey i`ll catch up with you nurse, after 2 hrs again, let this poor thing have a sleep SHE-Yaa sure ,go on doc (laughing). Went to sleep then. Yaa, Good morning this time. Lemme charge my phone and hop onto the bed, see y`all in 2hrs, fellas, lemme get a sleep. ......to be continued in chapter6.

The hostel guy came and both of us checked in,

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`The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you`re not going to stay where you are`-J.P. Morgan
>Good morning to new beginnings, its day 4 where i leave my hostel at vagator, its 10 am now, woke up and saw all my dorm mates have already left to their next destinations, the room was quiet and empty, with me woke up with a drowsy face and the girl from kolkata in chapter3 working in her laptop next bed. I was like... what the heck`s she doing here?. Freshened up, went on teasing her
ME-Typical 9 to 5 workers, see you pitiful thing working this early morning. SHE-Oh hello, its 10am, late in the morning, by the way we are not like you doctor`s being lucky ME- (A big laughter), trust me doctor`s are not lucky, their life`s hellish ...blah..blah...random topics....blah ..blah...A long favourite conversation for both of us on Anime.... I freshened up packed my bags ,all set and continuing our conversation. Its 12 now ,she got hungry - Wanna join me for breakfast? she asked, I was like- yaa why not, lets hop somewhere. Had breakfast, came back to hostel played table tennis with a random dude there. Farewell everyone, took my bags, checked out, luggage on the scooty and let`s go riding. Arambol here i come.
>Reached there in evening around 5pm , checked in a beautiful hostel there called the Happy panda hostel, very peaceful place. Freshened up, changed after a long drive and went to visit the beach and the flea market nearby. And as it is said correctly, not everything in life goes well and good OR as you might say planned. The tragic that occured was i forgot the scooter where i left in this vast beach and flea market. Trust me the worst experience ever, no one`s with me, wandering around, searching for the scooter that wasn`t even mine. After roaming and searching effortlessly, a guy from a shack guided me in a way and at last.. thank almighty.. (pheww..) got my scooter. Went back to hostel, its 8pm by now, and here begins my proper walk and talk with europeans..
>Met a guy there, who was returning from somewhere with these noice wavyy hairr... ME- Hey dude,i like your hair, how do you maintain it? HIM-Nothing mate, just apply these nivea shampoo.( british accent). ME- Who are you, where you from? HIM- Uhhh, its Chris yaa from london, how about you? ....had a conversation on surfing..... and yeah he went to sleep. Went to sit on the common room, a girl was reading a book. I was wondering, i as a dr. don`t like reading much but yeah people do, thats all amazing. Got on a conversation with this Spanish one- Espanol, and yeah got to know about how she loved reading books and got few recommendations, although might not get time...hahah . Anyways she`s Irena not Irene... hahah as we had a banter on her name anyways. OK its 10pm now, the nomad guy, that`s me got hungry, decided to go on this happening shack by the beach, named This is it.. Wait what ,where is it? named This is it! (bad joke). And something crazy happens after that...
>This cafe/shack had this amazing singing going on dazzling with lots of russians and europeans, i wondered at one time that, `Am i in Europe?` Anyways was chatting with the fellow russians, all vibe well and good. A call came from the tattoo guy, if y`all remember from earlier chapters - HIM- Bro where are you now? ME- Why, what happened? i am in arambol dude. HIM-Seriously? i am with the Dubai guy as well in Arambol itself. (So apparently the Dubai guy was joined by his couples friend who were from bangalore, came to goa for like 2 days). HIM-Where are you now? ME- in `This is it` HIM` Where is it? ME- This is it!...hahah search in maps in arambol beach HIM-We are gonna join as well ME-Sure bro, roll over! . These guys - tattoo guy, Dubai guy and couples from banglore arrived there by 11:30 pm, ordered something to eat, had drinks, enjoying the music and vibe and apparently i was the youngest in group so the couples paid up for my meal...heee ..haww .. thankyou ..hahah( perks of being young, kidding). And suddenly a hippie guy came to our place and started chatting and having drinks with us, having funny and shitty conversations and there came a russian hippie woman, who joined us and now the fun part begins...
>She was vibing with us and suddenly while talking( she was definitely high, no doubt), held my mala which i was wearing and i don`t wanna write this but still (laughter), freaking laid over me holding my hands,( awkward..awkward sitauation) SHE- looking at me intensely and goes-`Hey, have a puff of cigarette` . ME- (Prievet)You could have asked the same when we were sitting and talking, no need to lie over me miss...hahah .Still i had a puff and talking shit in that awkward position, tossed her aside thats it, lets not do this shit. Everyone from our group were laughing. I was like yaa yaa a memorable experience for y`all and me as well. Anyways fast forward.. had a chat and amazing time, we all went to the beach and then bounced back to the Dubai guy`s place( apparently he booked a resort, an amazing one). Chilled there for a while with those 4 of them and yaa its 3 am by now, i went back to my Happy hostel. Pheww.. done for the day, was a short and amazing day of ups and downs with lots of crazy experiences i must say. This time good night, See y`all in Chapter5.
Buenas noches!

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`A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions`- Oliver Wendell Holmes
>Good morning day 3, hope its a good day let`s see what are we doing today. Done with the routines ,showered, dressed up with one of my favourite white shirt. Took a scooty and hoped on to this amazing place for breakfast and brunch called Artjuna in arambol (again do check my instagram for this). Went in there, so this place accomodates nice paintings and drawings and a small clothing market and artifacts inside wherein you can enjoy these with amazing greek cuisines in their happening ambience. Ordered this amazing food double omlette mixed salad croissant, not sure but pretty much thats the name..haha. Anyways had a brunch there enjoying the amazing music that one of the artist troop from mumbai was playing. Before leaving had a lemonade and chatted for a while with the barmaid before leaving. I know pretty slow to start with, but it dazzles as the day progresses.
>Anyways its 4pm now, called a friend there, who was a photographer and hoped on to Anjuna beach, got some amazing clicks there on the beach ,cliffs ,shacks and what not. Had an amazing mango shake by the shore. And while roaming around started socializing and suprisingly met a couple who were youtube travel vloggers, had a nice long chat with them, even helped them with their vlogging videos, amazing content. Still we are friends as of now and do chat with each other sometimes...haha. After that went for buying some fashion accessories by the shore ,fast forward phewww.. its evening by now, time to bounce back to our beloved hostel(giggling) and the actual fun begins now...so yaa buckle up fellas.. its gonna be a crazy ride..
>So its 7pm by now reached into my hostel, freshned up, changed my attire, went to the bar counter for a drink, herein met a crazy ass guy from Dubai, the most lively and cheerful person i ever met, he goes like `Habibi come to Dubai`haha.., anyways while roaming around both of us went to a group of 4 girls solo travelling as well.. from jaipur, hyderabad, kolkata and pune ...Again yaa ..`men will be men`... (laughter). So we started talking, having drinks, soon got joined by 2 guys from bangalore and pune. Later we all decided to hop on to a club together. Happy me realizing this time i`ll get free couple entry unlike chapter 1..hahah...So we were group of 4 guys and 4 girls, went to check on this club cubana, which was closed sadly, no worries, went to check on this place named Soro`s pub, so they have like this amazing place wherein latin dance forms like Salsa, kizomba, bachata are performed. The pune guy offered us free tequilla shots and myself remembering that life`s all about making experiences, held hand of the jaipur girl and went to the dance floor, learnt few steps there, next with the one from kolkata, danced with her as well. So basically they have this thing like you shift partners after every song. After learning few steps got into the vibe and flow.. this time came a girl from china, all well and all good. My next partner, who`s it? Guess what, a girl from Argentina ( ooohh..i know yaa). Well i was so famished with her dance moves, at one point i felt like ,she`s the one leading me and i was like `go with the flow brother`, amazing experience! .We all came out had a chat with lots of people outside and got a recommendation to this after party place. Hop onto the bikes people lets roll over..
>Reached to that after party place, so its a descent cafe from outside having crazy shit parties at the backyard, kinda hidden place. Went in their with our group of 4girls 4guys, started vibing with the foreigners there. Really had an amazing vibe with these, a russian girl and a guy as well. Crazy partying with them .Its 4am by now that dubai guy and i got hungry, even girls decided to bounce back to dorms. Had a snack midway and now we are in our hostel.
>Everyone went to sleep, except me and the girl from jaipur sitting outside, smoking and watching sunrise( it`s a daily routine now...haha) , having shitty conversations. All well and good till now, but as they say there`s no happy ending in a doctor`s life, a guy suddenly came out of the dorm, freaking high on drugs, claiming he heard someone badmouthing him and started creating a seen. Sad me, hugged her goodnight( don`t laugh you readers) and escorted her back to her dorm and went to handle that dude.
>It`s 7am in the morning now, i went to sleep, remembering the crazy rollercoaster night i went through and all these days in this hostel(pappichulo) because today i was leaving for Arambol and morjim. 3 days there felt like weeks in goa, with all the people i met , with all the memories to carry on, mesmerizing these events my head went to sleep. So yaa this time Good morning! and i`ll meet y`all soon in another crazy adventure ahead in Arambol . Bye for now, Syonaraa, see y`all in next chapter, PEACE!

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`Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom` - Aristotle
>So, continuing to day 2, my wacky head woke up at evening around 6pm, pheww... unbelievable, slept for 11 hrs straight, silly me. Took a shower, the day`s almost over so nothing much planned for the day, just planned to have a nice dinner as i was starving like a stray dog..(kidding) and spend the night partying in hostel and meeting new people.
>Around 9pm dressed up and went to have this mexican food in anjuna with dorm mates, loved the vibe there and then fast forward, again hoped on to our party hostel. Started playing table tennis and fooseball. Now all the night story uncovers...... A girl approches us, saying she wants to join us guys as well, in playing, and you know... men are men..haha..joking. So we started having a match in rounds, little did i know she came with a couple who just met in goa for like past 5 months, she intoduced me to thier couple friend and i got to have a free drink whilst talking with them...(noice). So the guy was from delhi and the girl`s from mumbai. And the conversation goes..... HER- Hey, where you from? ME-What do you think?, take a guess! HER- Mumbai? ME-Bingo, how did you know? HER- Even i am from Andheri bah..blah..blah..NAMES...blah ..blah, little did i know, she took me to the dance floor with her, whilst her boyfriend was having a drink ...Fast forward we all danced of to the crazy music had few more rounds of booze, Its 12am now, time to leave for them, HER-Dude we should really catch up in mumbai.(drunk) ME- yaa sure, exchanged contacts and they left. I kept wondering how the fu*k did i interact so much wtf, funny how people are open to socializing and meeting new people..unlike what our typical indian stereotypical society mentions.
>Okey dokey.. i was vibing with other hostel mates, bumped into a group of 3 with a descent IT guy, a comedian dude, and a lady as expected...haha. Anyways started vibing with the comedian dude cracking silly jokes, and vibing with thier other mates. We all were so drowsy with a mellow vibe, talking any random shitty topics spiced up by that comedian guy with laughter, handling the lady who was freaking high on booze, blah..blah..blah.. (checked my watch).. dude its 4 in the morning, what`s going on, come on lets go back to sleep, because i had a lot of work to do on the 3rd day because i missed this one sleeping and on drinks.
>So its 4:30 am now, went back to sleep making a plan for the next day/today as you might say, which is gonna be freaking amazing and hectic, a long day as i can say, so yeah good morning/night whatever...meet y`all in day 3 which is gonna be amazing stay tuned.....CIAO !

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`There is no greater journey than the one that you must take to discover all of the mysteries that dwells within you`-Michelle Sandlin
> So it was 29/04/22, 5:30am in the morning, my bus arrived in this beautiful state of GOA ,took a cab to this amazing party hostel i booked a day prior in Vagator named Pappichulo hostel. It was 6 in the morning, sat on a bench there gazing the sunrise with the hostel`s ambience being empty waiting for checkin. Little did i know,met a random dude there,who was in goa for like 7 months, had a chat with him- ME- dude how am i gonna survive a week in goa while solo travelling,its my 1st time, how will i socialize and meet new people?(anxious) HIM- Hahah..common beginner`s problem, dude its so early in the morning, don`t worry let these fuckers wake up in afternoon and you won`t even know how many people you met with by the night. Go check in first, buddy.
> So i checked in, freshened up, went for a breakfast in hostel`s bar counter, met a random delhi guy working, little did i know gonna be good buddies, so he started with his crazy ass stories in goa, took his no. and planned to do something for the night with him and his buddies. things kept on flowing met guys from mumbai,bangalore,china and what not. So its afternoon by now, took a shower ,went to explore the vagator beach nearby, enquiring the party scenes for the night, hopping to flea markets and buying the infamous `baba wala jhingola` as they call it, typical summer wears.
> So its evening by now, whilst playing table tennis met a random tatoo artist who was in goa on the same day as mine and later did we know became cool buddies for the entire trip. Fast forward, its night already, the hostel started dazzling with lights and music, people from outside and dorms started hopping out in party attire, amazing vibe did some hash and got on drinks a bit.Started meeting up and chatting with random groups, met with a south delhi girl who was travel blogger as well, had a nice long chat and got to know about her travel experiences and writing blogs, as i am writing myself...haha
> Its 12:30 am(30/04/22) by now, when actual goa starts happening, and we all dudes from delhi, the guy in the morning, bangalore and the tatoo guy planned on, to hop on an amazing place named `Lumina by the beach`. Sorry, stag enteries for the first day, had to pay. Amazing trans music and vibe, with people from all over the world (*do check out my instagram account @travelling_nomad_ronak007 for that haha..). Anyways had a dance and vibe with foreigners. Met with amazing groups and people there. Also met with an amazing Russian dance crew there, with a girl performing a special dance form, had a good vibe with them exchanged instagram and danced together with our group. .
> Fast forward ,its 5:00 am in the morning in that open nightclub ,saw sunrise after the entire night`s hassle. We all came to hostel ,chilling over sunrise and a booze, tired me remembering that it`s sunrise already, wondering its the first day and already had so much fun, met so many people, mesmering that it`s only the beggining of the trip and so much amazing stories to uncover, and what the life beholds further, went to bed with tired eyes and mind. goodnight/good morning, who knows? hahah.. see y`all in Chapter 2

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